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Currently available courses / events

 Friday, 26-Jun-2020
 From GBP 215.00
Places Available  
nusgra, newcastle ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia cadaver course
 Thursday, 18-Jun-2020
 Not applicable
Dr Gray’s International Airway Day - Pre-Hospital Advanced Airway Workshop
 Saturday, 12-Jun-2021
 From GBP 50.00
Places Available  
 Monday, 22-Jun-2020
 From GBP 50.00
Places Available  
NRPG Spring Meet; pain meet; North East pain spring meeting
 Tuesday, 05-May-2020
 From GBP 0.00
Places Available  
NESSA 2020
 Friday, 04-Sep-2020
 Not applicable
MSK & Joint Denervation Workshop
 Friday, 19-Jun-2020
 From USD 1650.00
Places Available  
SRMC&RI Alumni, SRMC UK Alumni, SRMC Alumni,
 Saturday, 13-Jun-2020
 From GBP 40.00
Places Available  
Kings airway workshop
 Friday, 02-Oct-2020
 From GBP 100.00
Places Available  
 Friday, 05-Feb-2021
 Newcastle upon Tyne
 Not applicable
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